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Image by Matthew Smith

Environment &
Climate Change

Building a deeper awareness of the environmental issues we and future generations face, and a commitment to changing our lifestyles in order to respect and love ‘our common home’ – God’s creation here on Earth.





1) Preparing prayers and possibly hymns to share, and praying together.

2) Sharing ideas for reducing waste and our consumption of non-recyclable goods, and recycling more.

3) Creating and redeveloping things: e.g., planting and growing wildlife-friendly plants, or sharing food ideas that have lower environmental impact.

4) Sharing information about living more simply and sustainably both within our parish and beyond, and engaging others in discussion and campaigning.


The Environment Group this autumn, using CAFOD resources, released a series of four leaflets focussing on the FIX THE FOOD Campaign.

Click on the link below to view the leaflets: 

To find out more or to join the group please contact the Parish office.

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