Corona Virus update


What are the new arrangements in the parish:
• All weekday and Sunday Masses are to be suspended until further notice.
• Churches are open: St James church open every day St Williams open from 9.30am-12.30pm every day.
• Sunday Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: St James Sunday 9.00am—12.00pm and St Williams 8.30am-10.30am. (Please keep a social distance of 2 meters when in church)
• Sacrament of Reconciliation: available on request.
• Live Streamed Mass: this will be available from a link on the website to YouTube. I will continue to celebrate a private Mass each day and this will be available on line for you to access in your own time. We will announce when this is live.
• Keep connected via our Facebook group and website: All updates & notifications will be posted on both (details over page).


Dear All,

The applause on Thursday evening for carers in the NHS who are on the front line brought a sense community to all of us. It showed our need to be connected and our appreciation for the NHS doctors, nurses and staff. We have come to value our family, friends and our parish community. We are not able to gather for the Sunday Eucharist, however, we still belong together.
Celebrating Sunday Mass in St James on Sunday last without a congregation was very odd and strange. I was amazed to find out over 600 people viewed it. I received lots of emails and texts from people who greatly appreciated the Mass.
Should anyone require confession please telephone the parish office, I am happy to discuss and arrange – observing social distancing.
We will also have on line Mass on Palm Sunday and the Liturgies of Holy Week and Easter—all be it in an abbreviated form.
I have been very impressed with the incredible depth of practical love and concern demonstrated by so many, many, people for the vulnerable, the sick and the lonely. Can you help ? Who ? When ? Now!!!!…read more




Archived messages:

Dear All,

We are entering a time of uncertainty and many people are worried and anxious.  We are beginning to feel we are loosing control.  I hope that we can put our trust in God and not delude ourselves by thinking we can sort this out.  The challenge is to move from ‘worry’ (which means putting us in control) to trust in God (putting him in control).  Down through the centuries God has remained faithful to us his people and he will not abandon us at this time. We will need to dig deep and to acknowledge that God loves us, cares for us and will see us through this difficult time.  I would like to suggest that families, couples light a candle, to bring your needs and prayers before our heavenly Father and to read a scripture passage. 

This morning we received further instructions from Bishop Philip regarding the current Corona Virus situation.  

Please see below the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter and his instructions going forward.

The biggest change is that from today all weekday and Sunday Masses are to be suspended until further notice. 

St James church will continue to be open during the day for people to pray, light a candle etc

Please read through all of these new measures which are meant to keep us and others as safe as possible.

We are in the process of setting up our ‘on line Mass streaming’ service, available to all through YouTube.  We parish priests have been asked to celebrate a private daily Massto pray for our people.  I am hoping that once we have set this up we can ‘stream’ a Sunday and a daily Mass.  You should be able to access this through a link on our website at a time that is convenient to you.  More details on this to follow shortly.  

Whilst this crisis continues we have suspended our weekly newsletter.  Please keep connected via our Facebook group and website.  All updates and notifications will be posted on both.  

Please be assured you are all in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. 

Best wishes,

Fr John





I would like to suggest that families gather to pray together and would like to suggest a resource that comes from Elphin diocese in Ireland and I am sorry to say has a prayer to our Lady of Knock !! Also find link below to an interview with Pope Francis on the Corona Virus.


For the resources from Elphin diocese, click here.
Pope Francis on the Coronavirus crisis: here.