The justice and integrity of God flow throughout the whole of creation. God’s generosity knows no bounds, and sometimes – as Jesus shows us in today’s parable – it is too much for human minds to comprehend. Quite simply, God’s ways are not our ways. Isaiah, in the First Reading, calls us to turn back and seek the Lord. The response to the Psalm declares that the Lord is close to all who call him. Our Lord is kind, full of compassion, and his abounding love is for the whole of creation. Such wonderful greatness cannot be measured. St. Paul in our second reading declares that life itself is Christ, and his evident enthusiasm encourages us to fully embrace a life centred on Christ.

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus uses a parable of workers in the vineyard to challenge and stretch our thinking about those who are called to live and work for the Kingdom of God. We are all equal in God’s eyes, and there is no room for human ideas of hierarchy and self-importance. The first will be last and the last will be first.
Seek the Lord today, turn to our God who is rich in forgiving. He is close to all who call him, who call on him from their hearts.