The nation is slowly emerging from lockdown with many people going back to work, albeit at a distance and wearing masks. Sadly the number of deaths from the Coronavirus is still very high and many of the victims are elderly people in Care homes. My hope is that when this is over society will re-assess the way elderly and disabled people are cared for.

Today our Gospel begins and ends with the invitation to love Jesus and to keep His commandments. It is not just about our love, but God’s love for us. God does everything possible to share Divine Life with us, even to sending the Holy Spirit. ‘I will not leave you orphans’ says Jesus. The Holy Spirit is for us the continuing presence of The Risen Jesus on earth with His Disciples. If we wish to grow in our love for God we must become attentive to the Spirit Who dwells within us: this requires time, prayer and discernment. ‘Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart’.