The Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents us with a new challenge and a new opportunity. We need to change our ways and reorientate the Parish in a new way. Far from being depressed, I find myself excited at the new opportunities at proclaiming the Gospel, making Disciples and living as a community of Faith. What do we do? Where do we go from here? Many of our Parish groups are now meeting with regular Zoom sessions. Social media, YouTube, email, Facebook, Twitter, will have new importance in the life of our Parish! We are entering into uncharted waters: we need to make decisions quickly and prayerfully.

On Saturday 1st May, 9.30 to 10.30, I have invited around 30 of our key people, those with responsibilities in the Parish, to join me and the Leadership Team, to a Zoom session. The aim is to review our present situation and to plan for the future of our Parish. We will discuss the Parish vision, our strategy for developing and growing our Parish in the new situation. Please support us by praying and asking for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we plan for the future. It is a time of great opportunity. Many non-churchgoers are now visiting our parish website and going online to share our Masses, to see what we have to offer in this crisis.