I wish to suggest ways we can celebrate at home the events of Holy Week:
Palm Sunday of The Passion of the Lord – when we remember the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and the mystery of his suffering, death and resurrection. Put a branch on the door of your home or on the front window—any green branch you can get. Gather as a family and read the story of the Passion according to Matthew 26:14—27:66. Perhaps, various family members can take a role in the reading. Take time to pray and reflect together.

On line Palm Sunday Mass from Saturday 6pm.

Holy Thursday— Mass of the Lord’s Supper. We celebrate the institution of the Eucharist and the ordained priesthood. Jesus instructed his followers to celebrate a meal because of what he had done and what he was about to do. Have a special evening meal together and wash each others feet as a reminder of the call of Jesus to be of service to our neighbour. Read Cor. 11:23-26 and John 13:1-5. Pray for the needs of the world at this difficult time.

On line Holy Thursday Mass at 7.30pm.

Good Friday— Passion of the Lord. We celebrate the Passion and Death of Jesus. Put a cross or a crucifix in a significant position in your home. Gather together to reflect on the significance of this great symbol of our faith. We are called ‘To Adore the Cross on which Jesus Christ redeemed the world’. Read the Passion according to John 18:1–19:42. Take time to pray and reflect. This is a day of Fast and Abstinence.

On line Good Friday Service at 3pm.

Easter-The Resurrection of the Lord. We celebrate the central event of our faith that God raised Jesus to new life. Light a lamp or candle, gather flowers around the cross or crucifix. Read Romans 6:3-11 and Matthew 28:1-10. Take time to pray and reflect.

On line Easter Mass at 8pm.
Easter Duty—confession: We are not obliged this year to do our Easter Duty. Please make an act of perfect contrition, acknowledge your need of God’s forgiveness and in your next confession please mention any serious sins. If any one requires confession please telephone me and I am happy to make the appropriate arrangements
I am very happy to speak with anyone on the telephone, respond to an email or to help in any other way. I continue to celebrate daily Mass. I am still keeping indoors and taking a daily walk. Please stay safe and well.
Fr John