The applause on Thursday evening for carers in the NHS who are on the front line brought a sense community to all of us. It showed our need to be connected and our appreciation for the NHS doctors, nurses and staff. We have come to value our family, friends and our parish community. We are not able to gather for the Sunday Eucharist, however, we still belong together.

Celebrating Sunday Mass in St James on Sunday last without a congregation was very odd and strange. I was amazed to find out over 600 people viewed it. I received lots of emails and texts from people who greatly appreciated the Mass.Should anyone require confession please telephone the parish office, I am happy to discuss and arrange – observing social distancing.

We will also have on line Mass on Palm Sunday and the Liturgies of Holy Week and Easter—all be it in an abbreviated form.

I have been very impressed with the incredible depth of practical love and concern demonstrated by so many, many, people for the vulnerable, the sick and the lonely. Can you help ? Who ? When ? Now!!!!