Today we hear of Jesus taking Peter, James & John up to a high mountain. There they had a profound experience and were invited to see Jesus as he really is. Whilst in prayer Jesus was transfigured and changed in the company of Moses & Elijah from the Old Testament. They heard the voice from heaven saying “This is my Son, the Beloved: he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.” The voice frightens the three but Jesus reassures them that God is our help and shield, we put our trust in him. It would be sometime after Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection that they would fully understand their amazing experience of the Transfigured Christ on top of the Mountain.
In a sense our Christian lives should be an attempt to scale the mountain. In many ways, we look forward to being transfigured and changed. We long to be an icon of God, to be the voice of change and transformation in this world.