Today the Gospel presents to us the great figure of St Joseph—the one chosen by God to be the foster father of the incarnate Son of God, and to protect, care and love the Blessed Virgin Mary and the child Jesus. What an incredible mission!
He discovers that Mary is expecting a child. He is confused and does not understand. In a dream, God (via an angel) told Joseph “Do not be afraid, take Mary to your home.” This dream changes everything. Joseph now knows that the child that Mary is expecting is the Messiah, the Saviour of the World, the one promised in Isaiah “Emmanuel; God – is – with – us.” Joseph follows God’s call and takes Mary to his home.
How does God speaks to you ?
In what ways do you hear God’s Word ?
When you hear God’s Word, what is your response ?
Today we pray for those who face tough decisions and may have to choose a difficult path ahead.