Have you ever asked yourself who is responsible for ‘finding’ your next priest? Is it Cardinal Vincent Nichols, is it down to Bishop Philip or maybe even a task for Fr John to plan for his own succession?
It may surprise you to realise that the duty of fostering and supporting vocations lies with the whole Christian community. What do you do at the moment to foster and support vocations? Whilst it is important that each one of us comes to a realisation of our own personal vocation through God’s plan for each one of us; our call to holiness & discipleship in Jesus’ name, – it is good to focus on the need for priestly vocations in our Diocese.
I hope that our visit to you highlighting vocations will be memorable, that it stirs up a fresh enthusiasm in the parish for praying for vocations, for actively encouraging vocations & for being open to the possibility of exploring a God-given call. And who knows, it may be the start of a journey towards the priesthood for one of your parish members in the pews this weekend. We can all play a part in God’s Divine plan because the Holy Spirit works through each one of us – Fr John Cooke