We are delighted to be asked to Baptise a child. The Baptism of an infant is not only a family event but it is also a parish community event, taking the first step into the family of Jesus, the Church. For a Baptism to take place we expect that one or both parents has on going involvement with the life of the parish. Parents are asked to make a solemn promise that their child will be brought up in the Catholic faith. These days we will only baptise when we know there is a realistic hope that the child will grow up to know Jesus, to pray, to experience the Sunday gathering for Mass.
Our expectations are high. The door is not closed to any family. We are happy to work with and support any couple wishing to have their child baptised. Non churchgoing families are expected to reconnect with the parish community before the baptism. All parents are now asked to attend the preparation course. Our Baptism Team is keen to support any parents seeking the baptism of their child. We have high expectations as Baptism is such an important step in any persons life.
Our next Baptism Preparation course is on Sat 21st & 28th September 10am –11.15pm in St James. All parents seeking Baptism are asked to call the parish office on 01189 574171 to make an appointment to see Fr John.