Sadly, things can get out of perspective and we can become very selfish and greedy and long for ‘the good times’ and long for all the latest gadgets etc. We have seen that greed can lead to trouble in public life, in family life, in the lives of individuals and indeed in our own lives.
Today’s Gospel story suggests that life takes many twists and turns. The man had a good harvest and wants to build bigger barns to store his grain. He is planning for the future, he is a good business man and he wants to ‘eat, drink, and have a good time’. Sadly, as it turns out the man dies unexpectedly. He cannot take all of his treasures with him.
The Gospel warns us that life is ‘not made secure by what we own’.
What are you preparing for ?
What is your goal, your dream ?
How do we confront our greed and change our lives to the wisdom of the Gospel?