INSTALLATION OF SCREENS IN ST JAMES CHURCH, our application to the Historic Churches Committee has now been submitted. In The Nave we are planning to install two screens, just outside the stone arch of the Sanctuary screwed into the mortar and hung on positional arms (thus allow it to be folded back when not in use). In the Lady Chapel a screen to be screwed into the mortar at the front of the Chapel near the presiders chair. In the Sacred Heart Chapel we will use the roll down screen mounted on the wooden beam. The AV processing equipment will be in the choir loft.
It is our intention to source high quality screens that will be sympathetic to the church architecture. Our hope is that this work will have no destructive impact on the church and that this could easily be reversed. Also to install an information screen in the main porch to replace the noticeboard.
Our aim Is to encourage and support greater participation of the community in the Sunday Masses. The screens will be used for hymns, responses (sung & said) and images relation to the Mass. We will not include scripture readings or the prayers led by the priest at the altar. We will discontinue the distribution of hymn books, Mass cards etc. This project is a significant step in our our efforts to develop the quality of our Sunday Liturgy and transform our parish from ‘Maintenance to Mission’.