Please join us at the ‘Called & Gifted’ day on Sat 5th Oct. More than 2000 in the diocese have been through ‘Called & Gifted’ with amazing results. This is a process that helps you to understand your own calling and to discover the charisms (gifts) that you have been given by God. Each one of you has been given a unique gift that is personal to you. This could be a life changing experience. It could liberate you from guilt and fear to being much more confident and happy in your faith. We begin with an interactive workshop. This helps you to explore the 24 most common charisms and to discern what is your gift.
We are sharing this day with the polish community from the Sacred Heart Church who will be joining us. Limited to 50 participants. Applications to the parish office: [email protected] or 01189 574171. Sadly due to cut backs in the diocese we will have to pay for this. It is expected that the cost will be £25 approx (after parish subsidy). Our thanks to our parish working party for organising this.