My sincere thanks to you all for a very uplifting Mass of Thanksgiving and a very happy gathering of over 500 people at the Reception after Mass in St Joseph’s College. My thanks also to you for your very generous cheque. The whole experience was rather overwhelming. It was full of affirmation, support and love. For all of this is I am truly blessed. My 50th anniversary was celebrated in style. My family were also amazed at the whole experience. The 11am Mass was very special, a card from the children, African singing, the screen showing the action on the altar—a first! and the singing during the Mass led by the Folk Group and Julia was perhaps the best ever. At the reception we had Hog Roast, BBQ, Curry or Veggie—delicious food. What of the queue for the ice-cream van! The entertainment was rich with the Folk Group and other singers and Graham giving us his song; Woke up this mornin, thinkin ‘bout Fr John, being 50 years since ordi-na-ti-ion, yes Fr John goes on … and on… and on.’ Thank you everyone.