I continue to dream about different ways we can change our ‘mind set’ and ‘outlook’ as a parish community. We strive to become more outward looking, more missionary and joyful disciples of Jesus Christ. We are blessed with a rich and diverse parish community.

We live at a time of great change. We need to put in place a number of strategies that will help us to move from ‘Maintenance to Mission’. Key to this is greater involvement of our people and a new feeling of responsibility towards the future of our parish.

Today my expectation is that you will engage with all of us in a much fuller and richer way. Parish renewal takes time. It is hard and some-time difficult work. Most of us resist change. We are trying to change the culture of our parish—the way we do things. This is uncomforta-ble for us.

This week I contacted 10 people to ask them to form a new Strategic Planning Group for the parish. I have invited them to read Fr James Mallon’s book ‘Divine Renovation’ and to meet 3 or 4 times a year for 2-3 hours at a time. This in addition to our Parish Leadership group, and our Parish Evangelisation Mission Group— all 3 groups will work together with different aims.
Please pray that the spirit of God will guide us as we plan for the future and create a new parish structure.