This Sunday we are launching our ‘Come Home for Christmas’ campaign once again. Everyone will be presented with three invitation cards which I would like to ask you to give to family or friends, who for various  reasons have drifted away from the practice of their faith.  We would like them to take a fresh look and give it another go.  The  invitation will ask them to “Come Home for Christmas”. Posters are also being distributed today, which we would like you to place either on your front window or on a noticeboard near you.

CHRISTMAS PLANNING MEETING ON Wed 12th DECEMBER IN ST JAMES 7.30pm. Once again we are planning to offer a very special welcome to all attending our 4 Christmas Masses, in particular those who come once a year or those visiting for Christmas. All those who take a lead role at Sunday Masses as WELCOMERS, ALTAR  SERVERS, READERS & MINISTERS OF  HOLY COMMUNION, REFRESHMENTS  ETC are asked to attend this meeting.  Last Christmas we did well in 3 Masses but failed at the Christmas Eve 6pm Mass.  We need to ensure this does not happen again.

Please ensure your ministry, your team is represented at this meeting.