The Reading parishes are engaged in a review of First Holy Communion preparation. We are concerned about the high numbers of families who apply for First Holy Communion, attend the sessions, celebrate First Holy Communion and then stop attending Sunday Mass. In today’s strong secular culture faith struggles to survive. The numbers of people leaving the church is startling. Many Catholics now only attend Sunday Mass once/twice a month. Our aim is to stop this haemorrhage and to help people to begin living the Eucharist.

Our greatest desire in preparing children for First Holy Communion is to draw them and their families to meet Christ in the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist, to gather at the ‘Table of Lord’ as a family.

We want to do all that we can to welcome and support ’inactive Catholics’ who want their children to make First Holy Communion. This may take a little longer. We wish to help these parents and the children to have a sense of “BELONGING” to our parish community, and to get to know the people who gather for Mass.

We propose the following arrangements;


  1. Only children of practising parents will be admitted to preparation for First Holy Communion. By ‘practising’ is meant those who attend one of our 3 Sunday Masses in the parish each week.
  2.  Children will receive First Holy Communion at the Mass they normally attend over a few Sundays in June 2019.
  3.  Parents wishing to enrol a child in First Holy Communion will need to make an appointment to see me, begin the conversation & agree on the arrangements going forward.
  4.  Parents who are not yet familiar to me as parish priest will be invited to take an active step in exploring their own faith as adults, by joining small groups of parents and attending Sunday Mass at which their children would attend Children’s Liturgy.