Roman Catholic Parish of St James and St William of York Reading


Today I want to congratulate the First Holy Communion children, their parents & families who celebrated their First Holy Communion in St James church yesterday. It was a very special Mass with many relatives and friends from far and near joining the children and their families.
Today we welcome the children as they join us at “THE TABLE OF THE LORD” and now fully share in the Sunday Mass.

This year we continued our new approach to the preparation of the children for First Holy Communion using a programme “Growing up Catholic”. This involves the parents at each of the sessions. It was a real joy for me to be at these sessions and see the parents working with the children, sharing their faith and helping the children to understand the meaning of the Eucharist.

Our thanks to our team of catechists: Rosemary Woodman, Matilde Cabagsang, Annaliza Dela Cruz, Farai Walter Dzapata, Nora Fleming, Claudette Henry & Raphaella Meleby.

We are blessed to have a dedicated group of volunteers who give their time and faith to support the parents and their children.


O Mary Immaculate, Virgin so fair Mother of Our Saviour, please hear my prayer Intercede, dearest Mother to your heavenly son. Tell Him I am truly sorry for all the wrongs I have done. Ask Him to guide me by the Gifts of The Holy Spirit in all of my deeds and ways. So that I may give Him glory, honour and praise at the end of my days. Amen...


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The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871

Fr John Writes

In order to have wheel chair access to the ramp leading to the Lady Chapel door we have removed the parking space and put down new yellow hatchings to denote no parking. We have added an extra parking space along the wall to Forbury Gardens and another in front of the information board out side the church. The parking spaces outside the presbytery door have also been altered. I trust this new arrangement is acceptable to all and provides us with new clear disabled access.

Over the past few months many parishioners have received parking tickets despite displaying a permit in their car. This often leads to letters asking for £120 and £125. Having been in touch with the company there is now a new procedure in place. Anyone receiving a parking ticket should let the Parish Office or Fr John have it immediately. The company have assured us that the ticket will then be cancelled and no more letters will be received. If you leave the car to get a permit from St James please put a large note on the dashboard. The car park attendant takes a photo of the car each time he issues a ticket so is able to prove if a permit is displayed in the car. If a permit is not displayed you may have to pay the fine so please note the new arrangements.