Roman Catholic Parish of St James and St William of York Reading


Today we listen to the story of the healing of the ‘BLIND MAN’. It unleashes a chain of chaos and confusion. The opening question of the disciples was “Who is to blame ?” This is a common question in the media today. Jesus reminds his disciples that no-one is to blame. The Pharisees claimed to be the ones who could see, who knew where God was to be found, when in fact they were blind. It was the man born blind who showed himself open to see the hand of God at work in his healing from blindness.
“There are none so blind than those who are determined not to see” - is this true of you and me ?

On Fri 7th April at 7.30pm –9.30pm at St James church. This will be led by the Good Shepherd prayer and music group. It will include praise & worship style singing, prayers of healing offered for: sickness, addiction, grief and loss, anxiety, fear, finance worries and relationship problems.
We encourage you to consider attending this evening and sharing in the singing and prayers of healing. All are welcome - this is a rich blessing from God for all of us.


You are warmly invited to join us to celebrate our Parish Passover meal at St James on Thu 6th April at 7.30pm. Price will be £7 for adults, £4 children 5-18. The structure of the Mass is based on the Passover Meal. If you have never been to this please join us this year. It includes a full cooked meal with lamb etc. Bookings being taken now with payment on the night. If you can help with preparations on the night please contact Ann Frank via the Parish Office. 40 places available—see posters in the church.

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The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871

Fr John Writes

In order to have wheel chair access to the ramp leading to the Lady Chapel door we have removed the parking space and put down new yellow hatchings to denote no parking. We have added an extra parking space along the wall to Forbury Gardens and another in front of the information board out side the church. The parking spaces outside the presbytery door have also been altered. I trust this new arrangement is acceptable to all and provides us with new clear disabled access.

Over the past few months many parishioners have received parking tickets despite displaying a permit in their car. This often leads to letters asking for £120 and £125. Having been in touch with the company there is now a new procedure in place. Anyone receiving a parking ticket should let the Parish Office or Fr John have it immediately. The company have assured us that the ticket will then be cancelled and no more letters will be received. If you leave the car to get a permit from St James please put a large note on the dashboard. The car park attendant takes a photo of the car each time he issues a ticket so is able to prove if a permit is displayed in the car. If a permit is not displayed you may have to pay the fine so please note the new arrangements.