Roman Catholic Parish of St James and St William of York Reading

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday, a day when traditionally we pray for vocations to all states of life and ministry within the Church but especially to the sacred priesthood. Please pray for our seminarians that they will continue to respond to God’s call. Our Diocese currently has 13 students for the priesthood—this is a real blessing and we pray that they will continue in their study and shortly begin to serve the parishes of our diocese. Today the Gospel describes Jesus as the “genuine” shepherd who wants a personal relationship with each one of us and who would lay down his life for us. Everyone matters to the Good Shepherd—we are called today to follow Jesus in a more personnel, more intimate way. Even when we stray off the path and get lost, it is then—especially—that the Good Shepherd comes looking for us.

We have 65 people attending our Alpha course - gathering in 7 small discussion groups. The new Alpha videos are much better. The food is delicious and much appreciated by the group. There is a good, open and friendly atmosphere in the group. May I ask all of you to pray that the Spirit of God will touch the hearts of these people, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit. We pray that they may begin to walk with God, be more passionate about their faith, and be effective witnesses in bringing the Gospel to the whole of creation - the work of ‘new Evangelisation” in the Church.

PARISH RENEWAL: Sherry Weddell is coming to our diocese to speak about Parish Renewal. On Fri 18th May 2pm - 7pm focussing on how you can help your parish become more outward focused and “missionary” & Sat 19th May 9.30am - 4.30pm focussing on how to be an active disciple and apostle. At Basingstoke Country Hotel. 5 places have been booked.
DIVINE RENOVATION: WHERE TO START on Wed 9th May at HTB Onslow Square, 44 Onslow Square, London, SW7 3NX for a practical day with Fr James Mallon. 4 places booked.If you would like to attend either of these courses please contact Fr John ASAP.

Part 1: The Crisis of Identity
Part 2: Leadership and Vision
Part 3: Forming a Leadership Team
Part 4: Key to Lasting Change
Part 5: The Role of the Holy Spirit
Session 1: What does it look like to be a missionary parish community?
Session 2 A: What is needed to transform the culture of the Parish?
Session 2B: Naming the 10 building blocks
Session 3: Becoming an Inviting Church
Session 4: Forum - So What?

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The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871


​I would like to invite you to register your details online on our new parish database. Please click the button below to register:

This is a new initiative to collect the details of all our parishioners into a new database. Up to now we have only had paper registration forms. We are pleased this can be done electronically. We will archive the old database and start afresh and compile an up to date register of all our parishioners. May I ask if you would log in and fill in your details and be among the first names on our new database. Your details are confidential and for parish use only. Don’t delay - please register your details.

Fr John Writes

Over the past few months many parishioners have received parking tickets despite displaying a permit in their car. This often leads to letters asking for £120 and £125. Having been in touch with the company there is now a new procedure in place. Anyone receiving a parking ticket should let the Parish Office or Fr John have it immediately. The company have assured us that the ticket will then be cancelled and no more letters will be received. If you leave the car to get a permit from St James please put a large note on the dashboard. The car park attendant takes a photo of the car each time he issues a ticket so is able to prove if a permit is displayed in the car. If a permit is not displayed you may have to pay the fine so please note the new arrangements.