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Who is CAFOD and what do we do?

We are global


It isn't just Catholics who support the values of compassion, solidarity and hope that CAFOD stands for. However, being rooted in the Catholic community helps us to speak up with influence and authority, and allows Catholic parishes and schools the opportunity to act for justice.

Your Parish CAFOD representative is Angela Simpson

When international bodies and governments promote policies which damage poor communities, we must speak out. Campaigning and lobbying takes time and effort but it works, especially when we join our voices with others. Cancelled debt, increased aid, action on climate change, and a clamp down on corruption have all come as a result of speaking out together.


CAFOD is funding the repair of boreholes and pumps as well as training villagers on how to maintain and repair them in the future. Having these boreholes in working order will stop young girls and women from having to fetch water, which can take up to 4.5 hours. This will enable young girls to go to school, and other women to perhaps work less hours. They currently work up to 4 hours longer than the men of the village.

This year the Government is match funding everything raised to £3.5 million. It is extraordinarily fortunate that CAFOD has been granted match funding for a third time (in fact it’s almost unheard of) and this is due to how CAFOD is run and how if uses its funds.

Please give as much as you can this year to help CAFOD do even more for vulnerable people.

Interested in participating in events and campaigns? Find out more here: Link to Events

Inspired by our Catholic faith, CAFOD's vision is to see a world transformed to reflect the Kingdom of God. A world where all have access to the same opportunities. Where the rights and dignity of each and every person is respected and upheld. We know that the issues are complex and immense but by inspiring the Catholic Communities in England and Wales to challenge global poverty, we believe we can help bring about this transformation.

Your gift to CAFOD goes a long way. We work with partners across the world, wherever the need is greatest, so you can be sure that any donation you give makes a real difference to people living in poverty. Donate here

We are speaking out for justice

We are rooted in the Catholic Community

Thanks to the fact that we work with local partners, we can act quickly to provide food, water and shelter for people who have lost everything.We're also able to stand with them in the months that follow; assisting people to rebuild their lives and preparing for whatever the future holds. Being a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) helps us have an even bigger impact.


We are helping people to help themselves

We are there in a crisis

Lent Fast Day is 19th February 2016.

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The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871

No one wants to live on handouts. Our priority is to equip people with skills and opportunities to live with dignity, to support their families and give something back to their communities.

We work through Church-based organisations and other local trusted partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With our fellow Catholics around the world, we also form part of the Caritas Internationalis - one of the world's largest humanitarian relief networks.

Between us we can reach places that many others cannot and make sure that aid gets directly to those who need it most.